About The AEC

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The AEC is a not for profit community organisation comprising of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. The AEC initiates and supports educational programs which contribute to achieving its vision of a highly educated and empowered Aboriginal population.

Since 1963, the AEC has been in the forefront of Aboriginal education by pioneering initiatives, establishing innovative pilot projects, assisting in promoting further development of specialist educational-opportunities, engaging in research and encouraging governments to provide programs and support which enable successful educational outcomes for Aboriginal people.

The AEC also informs the wider community about the educational issues confronting Aboriginal people today.

The AEC relies on the generosity and support of the general public and all donations over $2.00 are tax deducatible.

Achievements of the AEC include:

    • Ensuring a place for Aboriginal children in the nation’s public schools
    • Introducing the first homework centre for Aboriginal students
    • Instigating one of the first mentoring programs bringing together students and teachers to work in close cooperation.
    • Introducing the Incentive Secondary Scholarship Scheme (forerunner for ABSTUDY).
    • Establishing the Compensatory Assistance Scheme, providing equipment and resources to schools, (now funded by Commonwealth government’s Disadvantaged Schools Program and Country Area Program).
    • Funding Aboriginal Teacher Aide positions (predecessor of NSW government’s Aboriginal Teaching Assistance Scheme).
    • Supporting pilot projects to develop processes for improving early education of Aboriginal students.
    • Introduction of Secondary Scholarships for Years 8 and 9 to encourage continuing education and Year 6 scholarships (selected by Superintendents of NSW DET).
    • Administering scholarships and bequests such as the Norman Catts Trust, the Ken Brindle Memorial Scholarships and the Margaret Ida Howie Scholarships for women.



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