AEC Scholarships

From 1966 to 1972 the AEC provided Incentive Scholarships for secondary Aboriginal students, after which time the Commonwealth commenced funding the Scholarship Scheme for Aboriginal Secondary Students (known as ABSEG).

The AEC then focussed on supporting Aboriginal students in Primary Schools to encourage them to continue with their secondary schooling. The generosity of donors and AEC sponsors had resulted in over 100 AEC Primary Scholarships awarded each year.

In 2003 Secondary Scholarships were modified to address the high drop-out rate of Aboriginal students in early high school by targeting students identified by the school and the Department of Education as benefiting from encouragement.

In 1983 the AEC funded 2 Tertiary Scholarships for Aboriginal students at university. The Ken Brindle Memorial Awards, are in memory of the late Ken Brindle, who was one of the founders and guiding light of the AEC. This was expanded over time to 20 scholarships for one to four year programs including three scholarships for teaching degrees. Sadly funding for this scholarship was exhausted and this scholarship is no longer being offered.

The  AEC’s  Primary and Secondary School Scholarships program is under review.

Currently two tertiary scholarship programs are on offer, the Margaret Ida Howie Scholarship for  Aboriginal Women and the Alan Duncan Memorial Scholarship for Aboriginal men. These scholarships are offered on an annual basis.

The Margaret Ida Howie Scholarship is made available from the generous bequest of the late Margaret Ida Howie, The funds from this bequest are invested and scholarships are awarded each year from the interest earning on this investment. for further information and an application form please click here

From 2014 the AEC introduced the Alan Duncan Memorial Scholarship for Indigenous Men. the AEC is seeking donations for this scholarship in the name of the AEC’s founder For further information and an application form please click here

The AEC works hard to stay abreast of the needs of Aboriginal students in all levels of education.

There are now a number of organisations offering scholarships to Indigenous students. For more information please visit  the Scholarships from Other Organisations Page