Young Achievers Award (NSW/ACT)

The AEC is proud to announce its sponsorship of the

2015 NSW/ACT Young Achievers Awards

These awards are designed to recognise the energy, enthusiasm and drive of young people across NSW.

The AEC’s Category is specifically designed to seek out and support young people actively making a difference in the lives of Aboriginal people through education.

The Award is open to anyone under 30 years of age, and will recognise young Teachers,  Assistant teachers, support Staff, community educators or community members who are passionate about improving education for Aboriginal people.

The Award will recognise young people who have the skill and commitment to inspire students of all ages

About the Awards

  1. Entry is Free
  2. Individual entrants must be permanent residents of NSW for a minimum of two years
  3. Entrants agree to media publicity and promotion

How to Enter

The awards for 2015 have been completed

for further information please visit