Register of Life Memberships

From time to time the AEC awards Life Membership to outstanding individuals who have worked tirelessly to help the AEC achieve its goals.

To this extent the AEC would like to recognise and thank

Mrs Shirley Berg’s association with the AEC has been almost as long as the life of the AEC

Shirley served  for many years as the Executive Officer of the AEC, created a meeting place for Indigenous students, offered and sought quite substantive support while they undertook their studies.

Shirley is one of AEC’s historians preparing FORTY YEARS OF CHANGE 1963-2003, a whole new world of Indigenous educational history from the perspective of the AEC’s forty year involvement.

A former President of the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations, Shirley saw that the Federation became one of the AEC’s first sponsors.

Until recently Shirely was a very active council member and one not to back down from a good old letter writing stoush with many state and federal politicians and bureaucrats, especially our then Prime Minister Mr John Howard.

The enthusiasm and commitment that Shirley had when she first started working for the AEC and Indigenous education has never wavered.

The AEC is honoured to have Shirley Berg as a Life Member

Ms Davina Tyrrell was  the first Indigenous President of the AEC, a position she held for quite a number of years. Davina in her time coordinated the first Indigenous Primary Scholarships Award Committee and was one of the first ATAs, now AEAs, a program instigated by the AEC in 1975.

Whilst working as an ATA Davina undertook her teacher training  at the former Guild Teachers College and after graduating took up a position with the Department of Education to Head the Departments Aboriginal Education Unit. She then completed a Masters with the University of Sydney and continued her work further, in the field of Indigenous Education. Davina was a dedicated worker for the AEC, was and is still recognised for her involvement over the years for Indigenous Education throughout NSW. She is  a very worthy recipient for life Member of the AEC.

Mr Geoff Hogan is a man of very long standing with the  AEC. He has served the AEC in many capacities over the years, such as President, Treasurer  and Senior Vice President .

Geoff was an instigators in arranging very early funding from community service organisations like Apex to help foster positive experiences for Indigenous school children whilst at school.

Geoff’s caring generous nature, he’s meticulous eye for detail and strong work ethics, made him a very vital part of the AEC Executive.

Geoff also convened the Norman Catts Trust Committee, which approved funding to many worthwhile educative activities.

Geoff Hogan, was offered his Life Membership Award, as recognition and appreciation  for the vast amount of work, which he had done   for the AEC and for Indigenous education in general throughout NSW and with it an enormous vote of thanks.