Secondary Scholarships

There were 30 recipients of the inaugural AEC Secondary Incentive Scholarship in 2003. This scholarship was developed to provide incentives to students to improve their attendance and succeed and progress through high school.

Originally proposed for Years 8 and 9 the scheme expanded in 2005 to incorporate Year 10 students, based on the findings of the DET Review of Aboriginal Education which highlighted the significant problems with attendance and retention of Aboriginal students in Years 7 to 10.

Feedback from schools regarding the value of the support given to the students by the scholarships clearly indicates that the AEC is meeting a significant need within school communities.

The success of this scheme relied heavily upon school Principals and staff to guide the expenditure of the scholarship towards educational needs and support the administration of the scheme by providing details on student progress. Our sincere thanks are extended to those school Principals and staff.

The AEC’s Secondary Scholarships Program is now run in partnership with the Public Education Foundation

To apply for one of these scholarships please visit the the Public Education Foundation’s Scholarship page

We acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors: Perpetual Trustees, Norman Catts Trust Fund

“The AEC Secondary Incentive Scholarship has helped me to do my schoolwork instead of worrying that I don’t have the right uniform or equipment.”
-2008 Recipient